Blomi Restaurant



Starters & Sharing Plates

Rice brodo – 12€

Risotto, asparagus, white wine, cream, rocket, sun-dried tomatoes

Mediterranean vegetable ragout – 15€

Chilled vegetable ratatouille, tomatoes, burrata

Pearl of wisdom – 15€

Scallops, pancetta, aubergine caviar, tomato crunch

Iberian salted specialities – 18€

Spanish salted meats, bread, olive oil

Quesos de la bodega – 16€

Selection of Spanish cheeses, fresh fruit

Saratoga Club House roll – 12€

Rustic bread roll, bacon, chicken, tomato, home-made mayonnaise

Oriental wrap – 10€

Wrap, thinly sliced pork, vegetable medley, sesame sauce

Home-made Blomi horiatiki – 15€

Freekeh salad, feta, marinated vegetables

Tarentelle di Puglia – 12€

Garlic and cheese bruschetta, marinated chopped vegetables, Italian ham, parmesan

Racion de la Primavera – 18€

Salted meats, cheeses, olives, anchovies, tapenades, grissini


Rotondi al tartufo – 18.50€

Truffle ravioli, vegetable infusion

Beefburger – 21€

Cooked ground beef, Belgian cheese, salad, home-made barbecue sauce

Asian garden – 15€

Vegetable stir-fry, rocket, parmesan shavings, sesame vinaigrette

Thick-cut steak – 31€

Grilled aged T-bone steak, skin-on potatoes, Chantilly cream with fresh herbs

Freshwater swab – 32€

Monkfish stew, pear and coconut milk medley, rice

Wolf in sheep’s clothing – 32€

Rack of lamb, herb crunch, layered vegetables, wild garlic pesto

Homemade blomi pasta – 18.50€

Our Blomi Flavour Designer’s pasta dish of the day


I don’t know – 11€

Pasta, ham, cream

Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream

I’m not hungry – 14€

Hamburger, chips

Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream

I don’t want anything – 12€

Meatballs in tomato sauce, chips

Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream

I’m a big boy/girl now – 14€

Smaller portions of our main courses

Vanilla or chocolate ice-cream


Toast of the town – 12€

French toast, seasonal fruits, home-made Chantilly cream

A place in the sun – 10€

Thinly sliced pineapple, coconut milk sweets, limoncello caramel

Valhrona delight – 12€

Chocolate fondant, coconut espuma

Sip of luxury – 15€

Tea or coffee, home-made sweets

Frosted mutant peach – 10€

Nectarine parfait, crumble, Chantilly cream with almond milk

To accompany your meal

Bottle – 25€

Chardonnay, IPG d’Oc Jean Paul Fontaine l’Audacieuse 2016 • white

Côteaux d’Aix en Provence, Château Saint Hilaire 2017 • rosé

Cinsault/Carignon, IPG d’Oc, Domaine La Rouviole 2015 • red

Bottle – 30€

Côtes du Rhônes, Domaine Fond Crozes “Confidence” 2016 • white

Alsace Pinot Noir, Domaine Jean Sipp “Réserve” 2015 • red

Bordeaux Supérieur, Château Lauduc – Tradition 2015 • red

Bottle – 35€

Bourgogne Chardonnay, Domaine Manoir de Carra Le Soly 2016 • white

Touraine, Oisly Raphael Midoir 2016 • white

As an aperitif

Cava « Fanatic »                                                                      32 €
Champagne « Cuvée de la Principauté de Liège »                 65 €