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Draught beers…

Stella Artois 33 cl

Stella Artois 50 cl

A refreshing premium lager with a slight bitterness.

4.00 €

5.10 €

Leffe Blonde

A smooth, elegant Abbey beer with hints of vanilla and cloves.

4.90 €

Leffe Royale

Delicately bitter with hints of citrus, resin and fruit.

5.00 €

Leffe Rubis

A beer born of the unique combination of the typical flavours of the Abbey beer and the delicate notes of red forest fruits.

5.00 €

Bottled beers…

Leffe Brune

A smooth, creamy Abbey beer with a discreetly bitter yet sweet, caramelised taste.

4.90 €

Leffe Summer

This refreshing, elegant summer beer is packed with fruity and slightly spiced notes.

4.90 €

Belle vue Kriek

Made by macerating fresh cherries in the lambic, which gives a refreshingly fruity taste to the beer.

3.20 €


A well-hopped beer with a slightly fruity aroma and a subtly bitter after-taste.

5.50 €

Westmall tripel

A fruity aroma and a nice nuanced hop scent. A bitter touch carried by the fruity aroma.

5.40 €

Chimay Gold

Mild and light in taste, with hints of smoked malt and hops.

5.10 €

Chimay Blue

A beer whose fragrance of fresh yeast with a light, flowery rosy touch is especially pleasant.

5.20 €

Chimay Red

A light, fruity apricot aroma. The taste perceived in the mouth is a balance confirming the fruity nuances noticed in the fragrance.



A unique and original nose, with a blend of vegetal, citrus and fruit notes. A fruity after-taste balanced with malt flavours.

5.20 €


A complex, fruity taste, perfectly balanced between smoothness and bitterness.

5.30 €

Local Beers…

Jambes de bois

A copper-toned, spiced and powerful blonde with hints of ripe banana on the nose.

5.90 €


Blonde golden at 6% abv, malty with fine bitterness and a good length in the mouth.

5.90 €

Waterloo Strong Dark

The nose is quite complex, powerful and full-bodied with earthy notes of old wood.

5.60 €

Lion 5

Organic beer brewed with champagne yeast, orange peel, malt and hops for a mild bitterness. The juniper berries used in the fermentation process produce a pleasant fruity note.

5.60 €

Lion 8

Special sparkle, golden colour, exotic fruit flavours and mild bitterness.

5.80 €


Bitter and herbaceous on the nose, with a delicately balanced, bitter after-taste.

6.00 €

Valduc Rio

Light and sweet with hints of honey and toffee, but with just the right balance of bitterness and acidity.

5.50 €

La Phrodisiaque

A pink-tinged, organic, thirst-quenching white beer brewed with aromatic plants (ginseng, ginger, cloves, hibiscus).


La Ginette fruit Naturel

A bottle-fermented beer with fruity notes of raspberry, blackcurrant, blueberry and elderberry juice.

6.10 €


Chaufontaine still/sparkling 1L

6.00 €

Chaufontaine still/sparkling 50 cl

4.50 €

Chaufontaine still/sparkling 20 cl

3.10 €

Coca cola / coke zero

3.50 €

Schweppes Bitter Lemon/Tonic

3.50 €

Orange juice

3.50 €

Fanta orange

3.50 €

Local Organics…

Apple & orange juice

Pajottenlander :

3.60 €

Apple & cherry juice

Pajottenlander :  75% apple juice with pulp, 24% cherry juice, 1% elderberry juice 

3.60 €

Apple juice

Pajottenlander : 100% organic apple juice with pulp from high-stem orchards.

3.60 €

Pineapple/tomato juice

3.50 €

Bionade Ginger & Orange/Lychee

Fruity with a hint of bitterness and the typical flavour of a fermented beverage.

3.80 €

Smoothies & iced coffees…


Banana, strawberry & apple

Apple, banana & raspberry

Cucumber & kiwi

6.50 €


Iced coffee with a scoop of ice cream

4.50 €

Freddo Ice

Coffee with a scoop of ice cream

3.20 €


Red, white or rosé wine

15cl – 5.10 €

Le Blomi

15cl – 5.50 €


15cl – 9.50 €

Champagne (Cuvée de Liège)

15cl – 19.00 €

Bouteille- 65.00 €

Kir (cava)

15cl – 9.50 €

Kir (white wine)

15cl – 6.00 €

Martini (red/withe)

8 cl – 6.00 €

Porto (red/white)

8 cl – 6.00 €

Pineau des Charentes

8 cl – 5.80 €


4 cl – 6.00 €

Batida de Coco

4 cl – 5.80 €


4 cl – 6.00 €

Pisang Ambon

4 cl – 5.80 €



Rum, cane sugar, fresh mint, lemon juice

10.50 €

Caipiroska (raspberry/watermelon/mango)

Vodka, lemon juice, fresh fruit, syrup

9.50 €

Sweet Apple Mule

Vodka, lemon juice, apple syrup, ginger, ginger beer

10.50 €

Gin (hibiscus or lavender)

7.50 €

Passion des Iles

Rum, passion fruit, lime, passion fruit syrup

9.50 €

Black Spéculoos

Whisky, speculoos syrup, whipped cream

10.50 €


Aperol, prosecco, soda water

7.50 €

Cuba Libre

Rum, lime, Coca-Cola

9.00 €

Blue Lagoon

Vodka, lemon juice, Blue Curaçao

8.50 €

Spirits & Liqueurs

Absolut Vodka

7.00 €

Grand Marnier

8.50 €

Amaretto Disaronno

6.50 €


7.50 €


7.00 €

Calvados de Normandie

7.00 €

Cognac Bisquit André Petit VS

9.00 €


7.00 €

Gin 1&9

A rich, fresh, aromatic palette with subtle notes of juniper and a pleasantly bitter, smoked, spiced edge.

7.00 €

Panda Gin Bio de Waterloo

A subtle blend of cherry, orange peel, basil, rosemary, star anise, juniper berries, lychee and pure water from the High Fens.

7.00 €

Belgian Owl Whisky (36 months)

Delicate notes of sainfoin honey, vanilla ice cream, candied ginger, apples fried in butter and plum tart.

12.50 €

Port Askaig Whisky (8 years)

Single malt whisky aged in American oak barrels. A peaty, smoked whisky with notes of wild herbs, honey, liquorice and vanilla.

10.50 €

Muirhead’s Silver Seal Whisky (16 years)

Notes of dried fruit, chocolate and herbs. Sweet and exceptionally well-rounded. Toffee and barley sugar with a hint of smoke and peat.

10.50 €

Nikka Pure Malt Black Whisky

A subtle fusion of fruity and peaty notes – a truly elegant balance of the fruity Miyagikyo malts and typically smoked Yoichi flavours.

13.50 €

Diplomatico Mantuano Rum

Venezuela. Opening aroma of dried fruits and oak. Pleasant notes of vanilla, dried fruits and wood in the mouth.

8.50 €

Trois Rivières Ambré Rum

Martinique. An aroma characterised by warm sugar and dried flowers. Notes of toffee, milk and toast in the mouth.

7.50 €

Contrabando Rum (5 years)

Dominican Republic. Distilled with notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and nuances of the barrels where it rests for ageing. A well-balanced rum and elegant in the mouth.

7.50 €

Hot drinks…

Americano or Espresso

3.20 €

Decaf Americano

3.20 €

Cappuccino with frothed milk

3.70 €

Cappuccino with whipped cream

3.70 €


Espresso, hot milk and frothed milk

3.70 €

Hot chocolate

3.30 €

Tea or Infusion

Ask to see our selection

3.30 €

Irish Coffee

Americano, whisky, whipped cream

8.50 €

Italian Coffee

Americano, amaretto, cream

8.50 €

Choice of syrups

Vanilla, toffee, hazelnut, speculoos, almond and more

+0.10 €